Wealth Management

We work hard all our lives and manage to save money for the future. However, do these savings work hard enough for us, especially when we take into account the effect of inflation slowly eroding our purchasing power?

At Pak Oman AMC, we endeavor to keep you ahead of the curve, by diligently taking smart and flexible equity exposure through our asset allocation funds.

We have four asset allocation funds covering both Conventional and Shariah-compliant investment universe, which can create wealth for you and fight inflation. You can select the one that best matches – your needs, investment time horizon, and investment preferences.

How do you always keep your investments at their peak value?
Like it is with everything in our lives, we are always looking for steady and consistent growth.

This is also the case for our investments. The big question is how, especially when economic conditions are ever changing? How do we always manage to stay a step ahead of the market?
Well the answer is quite simple: Our Asset Allocation schemes are objective based absolute return funds which target returns of K+4% and K+3% over a 3 and 2 years rolling period respectively! The aim of investing in absolute return funds is to make money under all market conditions in a specified time period. These Funds follow a disciplined approach to equity investing that can help make your overall journey towards wealth creation a smoother ride.

Pak Oman AMC offers multiple Equity and Asset Allocations schemes for both Conventional as well as Shariah-compliant investment needs with following benefits:

  • Diverse portfolio of various sectors of economy
  • No hidden / undisclosed charges
  • Daily withdrawal option without penalty
  • Ability to time the stock market movement


You can choose the best suitable option for your investment needs from the following product:

Nature Fund Name

Conventional Scheme Askari Cash Fund Money Market
Pak oman Government Security Fund Income
Askari High Yield Scheme Aggressive Income
Askari Sovereign yield Enhancer Income
Pak Oman Advantage Asset Allocation Fund Asset Allocation
Askari Asset Allocation Fund Asset Allocation
Shariah-compliant Scheme Pak Oman Advantage Islamic Income Fund Islamic Income
Pak Oman Islamic Asset Allocation Fund Islamic Asset Allocation
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