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Cash Management

A low risk investment option that provides consistent return with daily liquidity for short term placement…

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Capital Growth

Invest in high return asset class (equity) to grow your capital following a medium to long term approach…

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Wealth Management

If you want to put your hard-earned money to work and build wealth, we have multiple solutions that provide…

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Savings Plans

Save for your and family’s future and invest to earn decent return by utilizing the ‘magic of compounding…

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Assign the mandate to Investment Advisor for hassle-free investment execution and performance delivery…

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Investment Advisor advises you on asset allocation as well as investment opportunity to take advantage of…

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our offerings

From a diverse range of 8 mutual funds, from low-risk money market to long-term equity solution covering both conventional and Shariah-compliant philosophies,
you can choose a product / combination of products most suited to your specific financial needs, required investment tenor and risk appetite.

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