Objective Based Investing
Objective Based Investing is the investment methodology adopted by AIM, which is a different approach from the conventional investing methodologies, where financial performance is defined as a return against an investment benchmark. Our approach results in the focus of the investment strategy shifting from achieving higher returns on the investment, or exceeding the market returns, to efficiently funding the personal financial goals of individuals or institutions. With the right AIM, anyone can achieve their financial goals!
ACFAskari Cash Fund
AIIFAskari Islamic Income Fund
ASYEAskari Sovereign Yield Enhancer
AHYSAskari High Yield Scheme
AIAAFAskari Islamic Asset Allocation Fund
AAAFAskari Asset Allocation Fund
AEFAskari Equity Fund
POAAAFPakOman Advantage Asset Allocation Fund
POIAAFPakOman Islamic Asset Allocation Fund
POAIIFPakOman Advantage Islamic Income Fund
POGSFPakOman Government Security Fund
Net Asset Value (NAV)    [History]
For Individuals:
Better Alternative to Bank Savings Account

For immediate cash requirements, ease of deposit and safety, people normally park their money in bank current and savings accounts. However, have you ever calculated the profit that you generate on such savings accounts? more>>
Regular Income                         

Who wouldn't like an extra member in their family who pays bills and yet does not have any living expenses? more>>
Wealth Accumulation              

We work hard all our life and manage to save money for the future. However, do these savings work hard enough for us, especially when we take into account the effect of inflation slowly eroding our purchasing power? more>>
For Institutions:

Sophisticated corporate and institutional clients are increasingly using money market funds like the Askari Sovereign Cash Fund to manage their cash requirements as an efficient alternative to traditional bank lines. more>>

Most provident funds in Pakistan remain exposed to the pressures of inflation. We understand that both employers and employees seek a fine balance between risk and return, where a loss of principal is just as unacceptable as a loss of purchasing power due to inflation. more>>

At AIM we understand that institutions have unique needs and thus our team of investment professionals go beyond the call to understand the specific requirements of institutions and use our collective brain power to structure transactions... more>>


Date Fund Offer Repurchase
19-Mar-18 ASCF 103.8933 103.8933
16-Mar-18 AHYS 107.4547 105.3057
16-Mar-18 ASYE 106.4865 105.1554
16-Mar-18 AEF 104.1329 102.0502
16-Mar-18 AAAF 45.6462 44.5050
16-Mar-18 AIIF 105.8408 104.7824
16-Mar-18 AIAAF 101.0981 98.5706
16-Mar-18 POGSF 10.9706 10.9706
16-Mar-18 POAIIF 54.8128 54.2647
16-Mar-18 POAAAF 53.2000 51.8700
16-Mar-18 POIAAF 55.9000 54.5000
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