PakOman Islamic Asset Allocation Fund

Investment Objective :

The primary objective is to provide investor with competitive Halal profit and capital growth by investing in diversified portfolio of Shariah compliant investment instruments including Shariah compliant securities available outside Pakistan subject to applicable laws. The Fund aims to generate competitive long-term Halal income for its unit holders, through market timing and reduced volatility / risk than presented by equity market.

Strategy :

The Asset Allocation Fund does not track the Stock Index as a benchmark, instead the strategy works towards measured goals, and allows the investor to build and follow an objective to earn a certain absolute return on a long-term investment horizon, i.e. 3 years. This philosophy makes the investment, ‘Objective Based’. The strategy calls for investments in fundamentally stable companies and uses market volatility to its advantage.

Why Invest in this Fund :

    • The fund thrives on structured investment strategies within Shariah-compliant investment space.
    • It provides an ideal investment platform for investors targeting Halal profits better than other Islamic avenues and lower risk than equity securities.
    • The fund by design uses market volatility to its advantage, buying when valuations are attractive and sell when risks are high.