We offer customized investment solution to Investors with specific investment needs under our Investment Advisory mandate by the name: Separately Managed Account (SMA). If you are a High Net-Worth individual who has certain preferences OR a Retirement Fund with specific risk-return objectives, our SMA offers a 100% tailor made portfolio management at lower cost to achieve your unique investment objectives.


The key advantages of choosing SMA solution versus other generalized options are:

Benefit Investment Advisory
Customization 100% customized as per your investment objectives and needs
Cost Structure Lower cost including Advisory Fee and Performance Fee – cost structure linked to performance
Control Total control as Advisor acts on your preferences and specific guidelines
Ownership Securities maintained in Client’s name in their CDC account
Market Timings Complete entry and exit in/from the stock market are managed based on view
Goal Alignment Advisor shares Client’s objective of generating return and mitigating risk
Benchmarking Flexible i.e. relative to index OR absolute based on risk appetite


The types of SMA mandate suitable for you in terms of convenience and control are:

Discretionary Advisory Client assigns mandate and authority to Investment Advisor (IA) to manage and execute investment decisions keeping within parameters of Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and IA is responsible to deliver performance
Non Discretionary The IA advises the Client on asset allocation and investment opportunities, while the Client executes the investment decisions. The responsibility of performance lies jointly with IA and the Client
Blended Approach Any combination of the above mandate types can be selected where the Client determines which model is better suited to meet their needs


The combinations of asset classes offered under SMA are unlimited, as it wholly depends on the Client’s risk appetite and return objectives. However, following are some common structures of the shelf indicating percentage allocation, benchmark and recommended tenor for each mandate:

Mandate Asset Allocation Risk Profile Investment Horizon Return Benchmark
Equity 100% Equity High 3 Yrs KSE-100 / KSE-30
Asset Allocation 0% – 100% Fixed Income

0% – 100% Equity

Moderate – High

2 Yrs Combination of KSE-30 and 6M-KIBOR

on actual allocation

Balanced 40% – 60% Equity Moderate 2 Yrs 50% 6M-KIBOR + 50% KSE-30

Conservative 70% – 100% Fixed Income

Up to 30% Equity

Low – Moderate

2 Yrs 70% 6M-KIBOR + 30% KSE-30

Capital Protected (CPPI) 0% – 100% Fixed Income

0% – 100% Equity

Low 2 Yrs 6M-KIBOR + 2.0%
Fixed Income 100% Fixed Income Low 1 Yr 6M-KIBOR + 0.5%

We live in an increasingly complex financial world and our Investment Advisory Team works to assist Clients in achieving their financial objectives by helping with their specific investment needs.We believe in a fully integrated approach which starts with a three-step process. Together with you, our investment advisors will first initiate a discovery meeting to understand and highlight your financial objectives, the risk undertaking and time horizon. We would then examine your existing portfolio to determine whether the financial objectives are being met. Finally,we design a tailor-made proposal including the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) in collaboration with our research analysts to offer you an effective investment advisory solution.