Askari Asset Allocation Fund

Investment Objective :

To invest in top quality companies with a view to achieve Total Returns of Risk Free + 4% (CAGR) over a rolling period of three years using market price volatility to our advantage

Strategy :

In line with our unique philosophy, the Asset Allocation Fund does not track the Stock Index as a benchmark, instead the strategy works towards measured goals, and allows the investor to build and follow an objective, i.e. earn Risk Free + 4% (CAGR) on a rolling period of 3 years. This philosophy makes the investment, ‘Objective Based’. The strategy calls for investments in fundamentally stable companies and uses market volatility to its advantage.

Why Invest in this Fund :

  • Fund aims to provide target return of Risk Free + 4% (CAGR) over a 3 years horizon under all market conditions.
  • The fund thrives on structured investment strategies eliminating any human sentiments of greed and fear.
  • It provides an ideal investment platform for investors targeting returns better than fixed income instruments and lower risk than equity securities.
  • The fund by design uses market volatility to its advantage, buying when valuations are attractive and sell when risks are high.