Saving Plans

“Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.”

― Warren Buffett

It is not necessary to invest a large sum (amount) in one go to avail handsome earnings. The concepts of ‘Magic of Compounding’ and ‘Cost Averaging’ work wonders on small amounts saved and invested regularly for long-term. It is the best and most effective way to finance your long-term needs such as; buying / building a house, child’s higher education / marriage, planning retirement, etc.

Pak Oman AMC offers multiple schemes with varied levels of risk and return to help you build on your savings to comfortably meet your future financial objectives with a peace of mind. With a 10 to 20 years horizon in mind, we recommend a combination of low risk money market / income schemes and high risk and return equity linked schemes. This approach will provide both safety of capital with steady yield as well as potentially higher return to your portfolio.

Imagine, how much can you earn by investing just PKR 10,000 per month in a combination (50:50) of equity and low risk schemes for a period of 15 years? The answer is over PKR 6.5 Million; whereas the total savings in 15 years are a mere PKR 1.8 Million (as shown in the chart below):