Cash Management

We provide low-risk investment solutions that offer short-term options for treasury and cash management of Corporate surplus funds. These options are money market / income mutual funds that provide competitive return as well as tax benefit which legally reduces corporate investors’ annual tax liability.

Moreover, as mutual funds operate as daily return instruments with no return penalty on partial / full redemption at any time, corporate investors can efficiently manage their liquidity needs while at the same time earning decent net of tax return by investing.

POAMCL manages multiple low-risk mutual funds in money market and income categories in both Conventional and Shariah-compliant asset classes. The direct benefits that corporate / institutional investors can look to achieve by investing in these funds are:

  • Competitive Return
  • Return adjusted with moving interest rate
  • Daily return product – Return accumulated on daily basis
  • No term requirement – No penalty on redemption at any time
  • Funds withdrawn on same day / one day notice
  • Tax advantage – Saving of up to 15% corporate tax liability
You can choose the best suitable option for your investment needs from the following funds:

Conventional Scheme Askari Cash FundMoney Market

Nature Fund Name

Askari High Yield Scheme Aggressive Income
Pak Oman Government Securities Fund Income
Askari Sovereign Yield Enhancer Income
Shariah -compliant Scheme Pak Oman Advantage Islamic Income Fund Income
Askari Islamic Income Fund Income
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