Special Managed Accounts

We also offer discretionary investment management and advisory services, whereby its tailored product offering caters to specific client needs by providing discretionary as well as non discretionary portfolio management services.

• Under discretionary portfolio management, the portfolio manager offers a totally confidential yet transparent approach to

• The fund management desk devises a strategy aimed at maximizing investment returns while limiting the inherent risk according to    the clients' risk profile.

• The fund manager invests directly on behalf of the investor, it operates within the agreed upon limits to achieve the client’s stated       investment objectives.

• Pak Oman AMC aims to provide efficient rate of return on investment through ‘discretionary portfolio management’ by using various    instruments.

For further information please feel free to call us with any questions or to learn more about our other investment solutions. You can approach us on +92. 21 35631020-24 or by email on info@pakomanfunds.com


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