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Resources and Relationships
With our enriched resources, understanding of local economy, market and culture helps develop relationships over time through face-to-face meetings and local insights.

In-Depth Research
Our emphasis on research stems from a belief that careful gathering of information and perspectives lead to informed decision making and helps achieve our objective of solid, consistent returns over time.

Risk Management
Our objective is to consistently deliver favorable returns compared to the market. Our institutional clients look to us to manage risk effectively and to generate performance consistent with their tolerance to risk.
Our equities strategies are based on fundamental research and quantitative analysis applied by experienced managers. Risk management is incorporated throughout the investment process.
Our research team is continuously engaged in preparation of following research reports:

Morning Call.
Weekly Report.
Technical Outlook.
Sector Reports.
Script Valuation Reports.
Economic & Monitory Review.

Our Daily Report
Morning Call is a daily publication that focuses on current issues such as financial results, political and economic events, company or sector specific updates and events that can have an impact on the stock market in general. Also some expected results are provided in daily morning call.

Weekly Report
This is a weekly document that gives market summary and detailed analytics on several companies. The company recommendation is in the form of analysis chart that covers the company’s market ratios and comments.

Technical Outlook
Fortnightly Talks contains a separate section on the market, which gives our outlook going forward as well as the performance during the preceding week. Companies for coverage are identified based on their financial performance, sector specific issues, key developments and notable price movements.

Often updates on the money market, bond review as well as broader economy picture are also included.

Sector reports
Our sector reports contain in depth sector analysis including companies’ valuation through different financial models to value the stock of the related sector companies along with our recommendation.

While preparing the sector report, any associations or bodies related to sector are consulted for reliability and correctness of the data used for analysis. Valuations and projections are generally discussed with the concerned management before issuance of report.

Script Valuation Reports
Valuation reports contain in-depth analysis of a specific script. The analyst applies different models and techniques to value the script at its fair value.

It provides detailed information about a particular company and describes its future plans. Fundamental Analysis is not as the name implies, it has various categories and subcategories, which help in the understanding of specific investing philosophy.

Our research team has distinguished itself by producing research in a form and by a process that we believe is extensive. In each of our reports, we thoroughly examine the factors affecting a company's financial results and equity valuation; pertinent financial projections and a comprehensive valuation analysis.
Economic Research serves institutional and individual clients using a wide range of macroeconomic disciplines. We offer in-depth analysis of critical issues, providing clients with investment ideas, market forecasts, macro overviews, and specific sector recommendations across asset classes, sectors, and disciplines.
Our research focus is on the following key areas:

Market Timing
Stock markets are often driven by a herd instinct, with investors stampeding in or out at the same time. We use macro-economic forecasting, technical analysis and early market intelligence to forecast market trends.

Stock Selection
Along with market timing, stock selection is a key part of the investment process. Our research helps you locate hidden stock values that the rest of the market has overlooked.

Timely Research Publications
We regularly update our clients on macroeconomic, stock market and sector trends through our morning calls and other periodical research publications.

Our research advice is based on a continuous and detailed evaluation of economic indicators, industry and company specific information. In addition, we extensively use technical analysis to enable our investors to benefit from possible short-term price movement in stock prices.

Investor-Specific Research Requirements
For our valuable investment clients, we also provide tailor made research products to suit their requirements. Our teams of analysts strive to provide consistently high-quality, thought-provoking research to our investor clients. Independence and integrity form the foundation of our investment advice. We seek above all to cultivate lasting, mutually profitable relationships with our clients.

Our stock research focuses firstly on the qualitative assessment of a company‘s competitive edge, the skill of its management and the circumstances of the industry in which it operates. The principal goal is to gain an understanding of the long-term business model of a company, and the source of its competitive advantage. We aim to broaden our overall perspective and deepen our industry and business knowledge. We provide access to financial statements and latest earnings to determine the worth of the stock you need to have a fair idea about the worth of the business. This is generally done by assessing the financial statements of the company, commonly known as Fundamental.

Businesses today operate in an era of unprecedented change and volatility, an environment that presents significant pitfalls and opportunities, POAMCL capabilities are designed to best assist our clients in meeting their strategic objectives POAMCL possesses an unsurpassed level of industry, regional and product expertise. Whether advising on a multi-billion rupee merger or a 1000 million rupee divestiture, POAMCL brings superior innovation, experience and capabilities to each of our clients in the Country.

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