ACFAskari Cash Fund
AIIFAskari Islamic Income Fund
ASYEAskari Sovereign Yield Enhancer
AHYSAskari High Yield Scheme
AIAAFAskari Islamic Asset Allocation Fund
AAAFAskari Asset Allocation Fund
AEFAskari Equity Fund
POAAAFPakOman Advantage Asset Allocation Fund
POIAAFPakOman Islamic Asset Allocation Fund
POAIIFPakOman Advantage Islamic Income Fund
POGSFPakOman Government Security Fund
 PakOman Government Security Fund
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Investment Objective :
The investment objective is to provide investor(s) competitive returns with low risk. The Fund primarily invests in short-term and long-term Government Securities (T-Bills and PIBs) along with bank deposits.

Strategy :
POGSF aims to benefit from the changing interest rates by taking exposure in Govt. bonds and Treasury papers to provide a regular stream of consistent income by investing in low-risk instruments having no exposure to equity securities. It is suitable for both Individual and Institutional investors who want to earn attractive return with minimum downside risk.

Why Invest in this Fund :
  • Fund aims to provide better return than that offered by Banks' savings accounts.
  • The Fund provides easy liquidity and attractive income to its Unit Holder(s).
  • The Fund provides investor(s) with extremely low credit risk.



 Investment Committee Members:

Fund Manager

Minimum Investment   5,000.00
Sales Load   NILL
Management Fee   1.0% p.a.
Fund Stability Rating   A+(f) by PACRA
Management Co,Rating   AM3 (Positive Outlook) by PACRA
Pricing Mechanism   Forward
Bench Mark   Average 6 Month PKRV Rate
Dealing day and cutoff times   Monday-Friday 9:00am to 3:30pm

Fund type   Open - End
Category   Income Fund
Fund Launch Date   July 28,2011
Risk   Low
Registrar   JWAFF
Trustee   MCB Financial Services Ltd.
Auditors   Deloitte Yousuf Adil Company Ltd.

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