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 Askari Sovereign Yield Enhancer
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Investment Objective :
The objective of the Fund is to generate relatively higher yield than the conventional bank deposits, from a portfolio constituted of credit worthy sovereign instruments and banking sector fixed income instruments and deposits.

Strategy :
The Fund will invest in sovereign and banking sector debt and fixed income instruments of diverse maturities and low credit risk. The portfolio of the Fund will broadly consist of minimum 70% exposure (quarterly average calculated on daily basis) in sovereign instruments such as PIBs, Tbills, Government Securities and a maximum 30% allocation in banking sector TFCs/Sukuks and Deposits having A+ or above long term entity or instrument rating.

Why Invest in this Fund :
  • ASYE can be used as an instrument of choice for higher net of tax earnings.
  • ASYE is a low risk product as compared to traditional income funds.
  • ASYE is ideal for investors looking for high yields along with stability of principal, high level of liquidity and a very low level of interest rate risk.
  • ASYE is ideal for investors seeking active fund management through allocation comprising of banking and sovereign debt by using market inefficiencies to its advantage.
  • ASYE is ideal for provident fund trustees seeking higher returns than short term money market instruments.



 Investment Committee Members:

Head of Research

Minimum Investment   5,000.00
Sales Load   Up to 1.25% Front End
Management Fee   1.35%
Fund Stability Rating   A+ by JCR-VIS
Management Co,Rating   AM3+ (Stable Outlook) by JCR-VIS
Pricing Mechanism   Forward
Bench Mark   70% Average 6 month PKRV plus 30% three month average deposit rate of 3 banks having A+ or above rating.
Dealing day and cutoff times   Monday-Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm

Fund type   Open - End
Category   Income Scheme
Fund Launch Date   May 07,2012
Risk   Low
Trustee   Central Depository Company (CDC) Public Limited
Auditors   KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.

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