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 Askari Equity Fund
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Investment Objective :
The objective of Askari Equity Fund (AEF) is to provide equity investors a vehicle for their long term investment needs, capable of locking in capital appreciation and securing reasonable dividends from listed equity securities. The Fund would seek to replicate benchmark returns and reduce volatility compared with the benchmark through efficient equity allocations, enhancing "Risk Adjusted Returns".

Strategy :
AEF would principally invest in equity and equity related securities while abiding by the investment guidelines laid down by the NBFC Regulations and subsequent amendments or replacements and/or exceptions made available. To generate benchmark returns, AEF would use both qualitative and quantitative equity selection processes.
The asset allocation decision would give proper weights to both fundamental and technical analysis.

Why Invest in this Fund :
  • AEF is an ideal product for long term investors seeking a growth opportunity rather than steady income.
  • AEF is ideal for investors seeking an investment opportunity that outperforms inflation over the long term.
  • AEF is ideal for provident fund investment with a long time horizon, low liquidity needs and growth oriented return objectives.
  • AEF has the potential to generate higher returns commensurate with a higher level of risk than fixed income instruments.


 Investment Committee Members:

Head of Research

Minimum Investment   5,000.00
Sales Load   Up to 2.0% Front End
Management Fee   2.0%
Fund Performance Ranking   1 Year - 3 Star, 3 Year - 2 Star by JCR-VIS
Management Co,Rating   AM3+ (Stable Outlook) by JCR-VIS
Pricing Mechanism   Forward
Bench Mark   KSE 30
Dealing day and cutoff times   Monday-Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm

Fund type   Open- End
Category   Equity Fund
Fund Launch Date   March 30,2012
Risk   High
Trustee   Central Depositary Company of Pakistan Ltd. (CDC)
Auditors   KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.

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