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AAAFAskari Asset Allocation Fund
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Askari Investment Management Ltd is now on 1LINK network

AIML is pleased to present an industry first initiative in bringing ease and convenience to investors. Gone are the days when you wanted to invest your hard earned money and had to work even harder to reach a branch office, complete the paper work and submit a cheque. First time ever in the mutual funds industry, AIML join hands with 1LINK to provide the most convenient, fast and secure way to invest your money in all the funds under management of AIML through direct online funds transfer from any 1LINK member bank without any additional charges.

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STEP 1: login to your SelfCare account through AIML website
STEP 2: click on eTransaction menu, enter the details to activate and receive your Transaction PIN


STEP 1: fill in the eInvestment form available in your SelfCare account to generate a Voucher Number
STEP 2: log in to your Bank's Internet/Mobile Banking account or visit ATM of any 1LINK member bank*
STEP 3: look for 'AIM' and enter your Voucher Number to transfer investment amount

*Currently ASKARI BANK LTD, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK, SUMMIT BANK LTD & FAYSAL BANK LTD are providing the facility of AIML eInvestment Voucher Payments with other 1-Link member Banks to follow shortly.

In addition to the above, you can also submit online transaction request for Fund to Fund Transfer and Redemption of units


STEP 1: fill in the eFund to Fund Transfer form available in your SelfCare account and submit
STEP 2: receive acknowledgment instantly via email/SMS and Account Statement within 3 working days


STEP 1: fill in the eRedemption form available in your SelfCare account and submit
STEP 2: receive acknowledgment instantly and Redemption proceeds within 3 to 6 working days (as per the mode of payment selected at the time of account opening)

This is not all; you can also view your latest Investment Value, Portfolio Allocation, Recent Transactions, detail Account Statement with email option, Contact Advisor and much more.

  1. The online transaction facility is ONLY available for individual accounts
  2. Access to the Investor SelfCare Account is restricted to only those existing individual accounts who have provided a valid email address at the time of account opening with AIML
  3. For Joint Accounts, only those accounts will be allowed the online transaction facility where operating instructions are of "Anyone/Either Or Survivor"
  4. Transaction cutoff timings will apply as per the Constitutive Documents of the respective fund
  5. Your eInvestment transaction will only be booked as per the TIME & DATE of receipt of payment against your voucher number
  6. For online Investment, Payment against the voucher number will only be accepted by the system if the bank account used for voucher payment is in YOUR OWN NAME
  7. Validity of the eInvestment Voucher Number is for 24 hours from the time of issuance. Fresh eInvestment request will have to be submitted in order to issue a new Voucher Number

If you have any queries regarding the above, please feel free to contact our Customer Care at 0800-AIM(246) 11 (Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm) or drop us an email at