Capital Growth

This investment philosophy is more suitable for medium to long term funds available with Corporate / Institutional investors in the form of both Treasury as well as Employee Benefit schemes. Since these funds do not have short-term liquidity requirements and can ride out the volatility cycles, investment options that generate alpha and provide higher return than risk-free rate with greater unpredictability are a fitting solution for such funds.

The Capital Market investments provide an attractive opportunity to cater to such needs. Pakistan’s stock market has shown handsome growth over medium to long term periods with average annual return for the last 15 years of over 17% p.a. As an example; we have illustrated today’s value of PKR 100,000 if invested 15 years back in stock market versus risk free T-bills in the following chart:

Pak Oman AMC offers multiple Equity and Asset Allocations schemes for both Conventional as well as Shariah-compliant investment needs with following benefits:

  • Diverse portfolio of various sectors of economy
  • No hidden / undisclosed charges
  • Daily withdrawal option without penalty
  • Ability to time the stock market movement

You can choose the best suitable option for your investment needs from the following products: