POAMC Ltd. is a joint venture between the following four parties, each of which brings a distinct advantage to the partnership.

Pak Oman

Pak Oman Investment Company Limited - 51.0%

Oman National Investment Corporation Holding SAOG
(19.5% )

National Logistics Cell (SRBF)
( 19.5%)

Bank Muscat SAOG
( 10.0%)


Pak Oman Investment Company Ltd
Pak Oman Investment Company Ltd is a joint venture between the Governments of Pakistan and Sultanate of Oman and is regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Pak Oman is rated AA+ by JCR-VIS. Within a space of five years, Pak Oman has aggressively established itself as a player in the market on the basis of its disciplined and professional approach in focusing on its target business areas.

Pak Oman was one of the first non-bank institutions to be awarded a Primary dealer’s license by the State Bank of Pakistan.

This license was awarded in recognition of the wide non-bank distribution network of the Company to which investor base, various types of investments are regularly sold including Government paper, primary and secondary issues of corporate bonds, short term Commercial paper, and mutual fund units.

Pak Oman enjoys an extremely good reputation in Oman where it has also recently established a representative office.

Oman National Investment Corporation Holding

Oman National Investment Corporation Holding (“ONIC”) is a public listed company registered in Oman, a constituent of the Muscat Securities Market Index and one of the most widely held companies in Oman.

ONIC has a shareholder’s equity of OR 51 million (PKR 8.3 billion) and total assets of OR 123 million (PKR 20 billion). ONIC is an associated company of SHUAA Capital which is one of the largest Asset Managers in the region.

An investment holding company, ONIC owns two large insurance companies and has significant investments in other financial and nonfinancial companies.

To safeguard its investments, the company follows a policy of active involvement by representation on boards and sub-committees. The three business activities of ONIC include:

• Insurance (core business)
• Strategic (mainly financial services)
• Portfolio Management (proprietary and subsidiaries)

30% of ONIC Holdings is owned by SHUAA Capital which is one of the leading Investment Banking outfits in the region offering a product range that includes private equity (recently launched a US$200 million Shuaa Partners Fund), Corporate Finance, Capital Markets and Portfolio Advisory services.

It is also one of the largest Asset Managers in the region, with an outstanding track record.

National Logistics Cell (NLC)

National Logistics Cell (NLC), 100% owned by the Government of Pakistan was founded in 1978 and specializes in cargo transportation and construction work.

NLC is a financially independent, multidimensional organization that employs more than 7000 personnel, and has more than 1400 state-of-the-art trucks and 444 units of earth moving and construction equipment. NLC today, is on its way to be become a modern, flexible and sophisticated logistics service provider in Asia.

The Company is actively involved in the transportation of essential commodities such as wheat, sugar, fertilizer, cement, cotton, rice and machinery across Pakistan. NLC also has a fairly established "Liquid Cargo Operations". It specializes in the transportation of crude oil, furnace oil and Naphtha from oil fields located in various parts of the country.

In addition, NLC also handles bonded cargo, container transportation and operates a fleet of 24 car carriers with a one-time lift capacity of 192 vehicles. NLC has been involved in the repair and construction of roads and highways as well as grain storage facilities in Pakistan. The company has more than 491 units of earth moving equipment and has constructed over 234 kilometers of roads in Pakistan.

NLC has also rehabilitated over 2,922 kilometers of roads in various parts of the country. The company has built several grain storage facilities in Pakistan having a combined storage capacity of 1,091,559 tons of wheat.


BankMuscat is the largest Bank in Oman with assets of over US$ 6.2 billion (PKR 372 billion) and a strong presence in Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Private Banking and Project Finance.

The Bank has a network of 91 branches in Oman and a representative office in Dubai (UAE).

BankMuscat was voted ‘Best Bank in Oman’ four times in a row by The Banker & FT London and five times in a row by Euromoney & Global Finance Inc. Bank Muscat has an active Asset Management division managing investment portfolios for several premier institutional clients in Oman and has a large share of total Assets under Management in Oman.

The Bank has a strategic stake in Centurion Bank of Punjab, a private sector bank in India and has recently set up BankMuscat International B.S.C.(c) (BMI), an independent banking entity in Bahrain. It is also currently involved in establishing branch operations in Saudi Arabia.

BankMuscat is represented on the Board of the POAMCL by Mr. Sulaiman Hamad Al Harthy – DGM Consumer Banking, and Ali Said Ali – Head of Asset Management, Bank Muscat.

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