Pak OMAN Government Securities Fund (POGSF)

Fund Investment Objective
Risk Profile of the Fund
Basic Fund Information
    - Attractive returns
    - Return on daily basis
    - Minimum balance as low as Rs. 1,000
    - Easy Encashment Option
    - Safe and Competitive Returns
    - Tax Benefits
    - Conversion Options
    - Easy to invest
    - Free Transaction Alerts  
Other Information  
    - Name of the Members of Investment Committee  
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Fund Investment Objective

  • The investment objective of POGSF is to provide investor(s) competitive returns with low risk.

  • POGSF preserves capital of investors to maximum possible extent by investing primarily in Government securities.

  • It provides easy liquidity and attractive income to its Unit Holder(s).

  • It provides investor(s) with extremely low credit risk.


Risk Profile of the Fund



Basic Fund Information

Type of Scheme Open-end Fund
Nature of Scheme Income Fund
Benchmark 70% 6 Month T- Bill PKRV Rate +30 % average most recently published 3- Month deposit Rates of A+ rated banks.
Rating AA (f) by PACRA
Trustee MCB Financial Services Limited (MCBFSL)



Attractive returns:
The returns on POGSF are very attractive as they are obtained by expertly investing in a blend of high yielding government securities and other authorized investments as described in the offering document of the fund.

Return on daily basis:
Return on POGSF is accumulated on daily basis so that investor does not lose return even for a single day.

Minimum balance as low as Rs. 1,000:
POGSF does not require large amount for minimum investment. You have an opportunity to start investment with minimum amount of Rs. 1,000/- with subsequent investment amount as low as Rs. 500/- There is no upper limit on investment.

Easy Encashment Option:
Your investment in POGSF is highly liquid, which gives you an option to invest and withdraw your money at any time you want (As per Offering document, the maximum redemption time is six working days). Moreover, there are no entry or exit charges on your investment in this fund.

Safe and Competitive Returns:
Your investment in this fund is subject to low market risk with no investment in equity. POGSF is suitable for both individual and corporate investors who wish to earn safe and competitive returns by investing in government securities and instruments having rating of AA- or above.

Tax Benefits:

As per current Tax laws, individual can enjoy tax rebate can be availed by investing in POGSF. The tax rebate is upto Rs. 100, 000/- for salaried person and Rs. 125,000 for self employed people for an investment upto three years, subject to applicable laws.

Conversion Options:
Conversion option is available at any time at the discretion of investor on same day in following funds

    • Pak Oman Advantage Islamic Income Fund. (Shariah Based Income Fund)
    • Pak Oman Advantage Asset Allocation Fund (Conventional Asset Allocation Fund)
    • Pak Oman Islamic Asset Allocation Fund (Shariah Based Asset Allocation Fund)

Easy to invest:
Investment in POGSF is very easy and can be done by following steps;

Step 1-
Fill out the investment form.
Step 2- Attach the followings;

  • Documents required as per Offering document
  • Cross Cheque or Pay-order of your desired investment amount in favor of “MCBFSL- TRUSTEE PAK OMAN GOVERNMENT SECURITIES FUND.

Step 3- Submit the form at any POAMCL office and your investment will start earning from the next day of the submission of complete application form.

Free Transaction Alerts
SMS alerts for transaction carried out by the Investors/Unit Holders.


Other Information

Name of the Members of Investment Committee:

    Ms. Hina Ghazanfar - CEO/MD
    Mr. Ahmed Nabeel – Chief Investment Advisor
    Mr. Imran Rahim Khan – Fund Manager Fixed Income



   A.F Fergusons & Co.


Offering Document

    Click here



Investors must be aware that all investments involve risk. It should be clearly understood that the portfolio of POGSF is subject to the risks. The value of the investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance and returns.

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