KSE-100 Index
Previous Index 22,015.04
Current Index 21,698.35
Change % -1.44
YTD (CY13)% 28.35
YTD (FY13)% 57.22
Volume (mn) 197.73
Capitilization (USDbn) 13.01
FIPI (USDmn)(Daily) 0.56
FIPI (USDmn) (YTD) 565.18


KSE-100 Index
Previous Index 37,750.02
Current Index 37,203.32
Change % -1.45
YTD (CY13)% 27.73
YTD (FY13)% 56.47
Volume (mn) 58.72
Capitilization (USDbn) 7.08

International Indicators
BSE-30 18,774.24 0.29
HANGSENG 20,263.31 -0.59
NIKKEI 225 13,230.13 1.66
FTSE 6,116.17 -0.70
DJIA 14,799.40 0.28
SSEC 2,073.09 -0.52
NASDAQ 3,357.25 -0.22

TASI 7,561.50 0.45
KSE(Kuwait) 8,067.55 0.10
BSE 1,202.73 0.09
MSM 6,408.05 0.28
ADX 3,564.42 -1.87
DFM 2,299.78 -2.58
QSE 9,231.56 -0.16

3 Months 9.46
6 Months 9.44
12 Months 9.69

3 Months 9.30
6 Months 9.20
12 Months 9.19

3-Y PIB 9.62
5-Y PIB 10.11
10-Y PIB 11.01
20-Y PIB 11.97
30-Y PIB 12.13
Capital Market Overview

Weekly Review: Rally comes to an end as KSE experiences correction

The stock market’s stunning rally finally came to an end as it experienced a correction, with the benchmark KSE-100 index registering a decline of 843 points (3.7%) during the week ended June 21.Investors had also adopted a cautious approach during the week in anticipation of the monetary policy announcement. more... (ET)

News Clippings

SBP reduces policy rate by 50bps from 9.50 to 9 percent

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Friday slashed its key policy rate by 50 basis points bringing it down from 9.50 to 9 percent."State Bank of Pakistan has decided to place a higher weight to declining inflation and low private sector credit relative to risks to the balance of payments position," a statement issued by the bank here said. more... (N)

Pakistan will have to service debts to save face: finance minister

Federal Minister for Finance & Revenue, Ishaq Dar, Saturday said in order to avoid a balance of payments crisis, Pakistan would have to apply for another loan. “The borrowing is inevitable as Pakistan has to service at least $3 billion worth of foreign debts”, said he replying to a question on the floor of house. more... (N)

To pay off Rs370 bn dues under circular debt by June 30: Dar

Federal Finance Minister, Senator Ishaq Dar Sunday reaffirmed the government’s resolve to eliminate the vicious circular debt by announcing to pay it off by August 12.Speaking from the floor of National Assembly, Senator Dar said the total amount of circular debt stood at Rs508 billion as of May 31 and vowed to pay off Rs370 billion by June 30 to partially settle the private sector dues. “The entire circular debt will be cleared by August 12,” he pledged. more...(N)

GST increase not to be withdrawn: Dar

The government has decided not to withdraw the proposed one per cent increase in general sales tax (GST) for fiscal year 2013-14.Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, winding up the budget debate in the National Assembly on Saturday, said that he had carefully reviewed the opposition’s recommendations on the increase in GST but the country’s economic condition currently did not leave room for withdrawal of the increase. more...(ET)

Govt withdraws income tax hike for lower salary brackets

the government withdrew the proposed increase in income tax rates for salaried individuals having annual income up to Rs2.5 million while also taking back 17% sales tax planned to be charged on stationary, milk products and bicycles. more...(ET)

Meeting revenue target for June: customs decides to cash all bank guarantees

Pakistan Customs has decided to cash all bank guarantees to meet its revenue target of Rs 23 billion for June; it is learnt here on Sunday. more...(BR)

NA approves two demands for grants of Rs 83.47bn for Pakistan Railways

The National Assembly on Sunday approved two demands for grant of Rs.83.47 billion for Pakistan Railways with majority of votes while rejecting all cut motions presented by the Opposition. more...(BR)

NAVs and Returns
as of June 21, 2013
Funds Offer Redemption
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return


Funds Rating
A+ (f)
2 Star
4 Star

  May-13 April-13
MoM (%)
AUM's (PKR bn) 358.53 342.13 4.70
No of AMCs 24 24 0.00
No of Funds 178 178 0.00

Economic Highlights
GDP Growth FY12 3.70%
Per Capita Income $1,380
(June 21, 2013)
Trade Deficit
(July 12-April13)
Curr. A/C
(July 12-Mayl 13)
(July 12-May 13)
Foreign Investment (July-March 13) $622.00mn
CPI Gen. - YoY
CPI Gen. - FY13
(July 12- May 13)

WTI (USD/bbl) 93.51
Gold Spot(USD/oz) 1,290.86
Cement (Rs./Bag) 463.00
Coal Spot(USD/ton) 87.35
Urea Fertilizer (Rs/bag) 1,734.00
DAP (Rs./bag) 2,500.36
KCA Cotton (Rs/mound) 6,400.00


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(BR) Business Recorder, (D) Dawn, (ET) Tribune, (N) The News, (DT) Daily Times, (FD) The Financial Daily, (KSE) Karachi Stock Exchange

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