KSE-100 Index
Previous Index 16,537.98
Current Index 16,650.15
Change % 0.68%
YTD (CY12) 46.73%
YTD (FY13) 20.64%
Volume (mn) 116.73
Capitilization (USDbn) 10.28
FIPI (USDmn)(Daily) 1.46
FIPI (USDmn) (YTD) 165.02


KSE-100 Index
Previous Index 28,463.31
Current Index 28,617.59
Change % 0.54%
YTD (CY12) 42.11%
YTD (FY13) 20.36%
Volume (mn) 25.53
Capitilization (USDbn) 5.87

International Indicators
BSE-30 19,348.12 0.22
HANGSENG 21,799.97 0.15
NIKKEI 225 9,432.46 -0.27
FTSE 5,869.02 -0.04
DJIA 12,951.00 -0.11
SSEC 2,034.58 3.02
NASDAQ 2,996.69 -0.18

TASI 6,716.46 -0.24
KSE(Kuwait) 5,907.11 -0.82
BSE 1,046.99 -0.02
MSM 5,564.44 0.12
ADX 2,676.97 0.09
DFM 1,611.45 0.22
QSE 8,353.95 0.30

3 Months 9.44
6 Months 9.49
12 Months 9.85

3 Months 9.20
6 Months 9.28
12 Months 9.39

3-Y PIB 10.36
5-Y PIB 10.92
10-Y PIB 11.53
20-Y PIB 12.11
30-Y PIB 12.21
Capital Market Overview

Pakistani stocks hit fresh record high, rupee firms

Pakistani stocks hit a record high for the fifth time in six sessions on Tuesday, supported by expectations that the central bank will ease rates later this week.The Karachi Stock Exchange’s (KSE) benchmark 100-share index surged as high as 16,675.94 in intraday trading.It closed at 16,650.15, up 0.68 per cent or 112.17 points. more... (D)

News Clippings

8th Annual Meeting of the World Islamic Economic Forum

Pakistan has underscored a sound framework to increase intra-state cooperation and deepen economic relations among the Muslim countries to tackle issues such as shortage of energy, food, water security and sustainable development for the people. more... (DT)

Govt assures full cooperation to oil, gas sector investors

Government will facilitate and extend full cooperation to investment in the country’s oil and gas sector. Dr Asim Hussain adviser to the Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources at the inaugural session of the Annual Technical Conference (ATC) said the government re-affirmed its commitment towards bridging the widening gap between demand and supply and securing a safe energy future, and announced the Petroleum Exploration and Production Policy 2012 on August 27, 2012. more... (DT)

Tracing insider trading : SECP strengthens surveillance of KSE

After successfully tracing another case of insider trading at the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE), the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has strengthened its surveillance activities.This initiative has been taken to avoid manipulations and distortions in the trading mechanism as the stock market as it has started performing well and any such move could shake the confidence of the investors, SECP believes. more... (DT)

Development proposal for capital market : ‘Stock markets need to form consensus’

All the stock exchanges need to form consensus and come out with a joint long-term development proposal for the capital market, said former finance minister Dr Salman Shah at a meeting of representatives of all the three exchanges held at Lahore Stock Exchange on Tuesday. more... (DT)

US to fulfil Pakistan’s urgent defence needs

The United States agreed on Tuesday to fulfil Pakistan’s urgent defence needs in the fight against terror.“Recognising the enduring security requirements on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, the two delegations agreed to cooperate on a prioritised set of Pakistan’s defence requirements,” a statement issued at the conclusion of a two-day meeting of the Pakistan-US Defence Consultative Group said. more... (D)

Election Commission tells SC: Constitution no hurdle to delimitation

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has conceded that neither the Constitution nor the Delimitation of Constituencies Act 1974 is a hurdle in delimitation of constituencies in Karachi.The admission is contained in the Nov 26 interim order of a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court on the Karachi law and order case released to the media on Tuesday. more... (D)


NAVs and Returns
as of Dec 04, 2012
Funds Offer Redemption
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return


Funds Rating
A+ (f)
2 Star
4 Star

  Oct-12 Sep-12
MoM (%)
AUM's (PKR bn) 406.52 329.52 23.37
No of AMCs 25 25 -
No of Funds 175 175 -

Economic Highlights
GDP Growth FY12 3.70%
Per Capita Income $1,372
(November 16, 2012)
Trade Deficit
(July-October 12)
Curr. A/C
(July-October 12)
(Jul-October 12)
Foreign Investment (July-September 12) $183.5mn
CPI Gen. - YoY
CPI Gen. - FY13
(July 12- October 12)

WTI (USD/bbl) 88.80
Gold Futures(USD/oz) 1,702.20
Cement (Rs./Bag) 451.50
Coal Spot(USD/ton) 83.25
Urea Fertilizer (Rs/bag) 1,678.33
DAP (Rs./bag) 2,642.29
KCA Cotton (Rs/mound) 5,800.00

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(BR) Business Recorder, (D) Dawn, (ET) Tribune, (N) The News, (DT) Daily Times, (FD) The Financial Daily, (KSE) Karachi Stock Exchange

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