KSE-100 Index
Previous Index 16,364.77
Current Index 16,424.03
Change % 0.36%
YTD (CY12) 44.73%
YTD (FY13) 19.00%
Volume (mn) 193.69
Capitilization (USDbn) 10.08
FIPI (USDmn)(Daily) 2.60
FIPI (USDmn) (YTD) 162.85


KSE-100 Index
Previous Index 28,408.58
Current Index 28,468.15
Change % 0.21%
YTD (CY12) 41.37%
YTD (FY13) 19.73%
Volume (mn) 29.94
Capitilization (USDbn) 5.84

International Indicators
BSE-30 18,986.59 0.95
HANGSENG 21,942.92 1.08
NIKKEI 225 9,368.20 0.64
FTSE 5,803.28 0.06
DJIA 12,985.11 0.83
SSEC 1,975.54 0.10
NASDAQ 2,991.78 0.81

TASI 6,533.14 1.09
KSE(Kuwait) 5,935.89 -0.25
BSE 1,047.81 -0.05
MSM 5,533.76 -0.18
ADX 2,646.92 0.13
DFM 1,588.77 -0.17
QSE 8,435.29 0.41

3 Months 9.46
6 Months 9.51
12 Months 9.83

3 Months 9.27
6 Months 9.32
12 Months 9.39

3-Y PIB 10.29
5-Y PIB 10.88
10-Y PIB 11.36
20-Y PIB 12.08
30-Y PIB 12.15
Capital Market Overview

KSE on record-breaking spree as index gains 59pts

The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100-share index gained 59.26 points or 0.36 percent to close at 16,424.03 points as compared to 16,364.77 points of the previous session. The KSE 30-share index was up by 41.13 points to close at 13,301.01 points as compared with 13,259.88 points of the previous session. more... (DT)

News Clippings

LPG price increases by Rs 15 per kg

The marketing companies on Wednesday increased the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by up to Rs 15 per kilogramme (kg).LPG Distributors Association Chairman Muhammad Irfan Khokhar said that the price of a domestic cylinder had been raised by up to Rs 170 and a commercial cylinder by up to Rs 680. more... (DT)

Country needs huge financing: IMF

The Inter-national Monetary Fund (IMF) has forecast that the country will require a gross financing of 30.2 percent of the GDP to meet its debt obligations and to finance a projected 6.4 percent fiscal deficit in the current fiscal year. The IMF Fiscal Monitor for October 2012 projected that Pakistan's gross financing needs would be 23.9 percent of the GDP for maturing debt and 6.4 of the GDP to finance the fiscal deficit in 2012-13. more... (BR)

SBP sells Rs148bn T-bills

The State Bank of Pakistan on Wednesday sold three-, six- and 12-month treasury bills worth Rs148.5 billion at an auction. In a statement, Pakistan's central bank said it sold three-month papers worth Rs27.8 billion at a cut-off yield of 9.32 percent per annum, Rs112 billion worth of six-month bills at 9.34 percent and Rs8.7 billion worth of 12-month papers at 9.39 percent per annum .more... (FD)

NCCPL collects Rs 309.62m under CGT

The National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) has collected capital gains tax (CGT) amounting to Rs 103.27 million and Rs 206.35 million in respect of trades and transactions, executed and settled during the period April 24, 2012 to June 30, 2012 and July 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012 respectively, whereas collection of October is underway, said a statement on Wednesday. more... (DT)

Palm oil imports fall 16pc during Jul-October

Palm oil imports into the country witnessed decrease of 16 percent during the first four months of the current fiscal year as compared to the corresponding period of last year. The palm oil imports during July-October (2012-13) were recorded at $693.364 million against the imports of $825.306 million during July-October (2011-12), according to the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). more... (FD)

Govt will phase-out CNG usage due to depleting gas reserves OGRA failed to deliver as regulatory authority: Advisor to PM

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain has said that equitable tax would be imposed on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in a bid to make it more equitable with petrol to gradually phase out CNG. more... (FD)


NAVs and Returns
as of Nov 28, 2012
Funds Offer Redemption
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return


Funds Rating
A+ (f)
3 Star
5 Star

  Oct-12 Sep-12
MoM (%)
AUM's (PKR bn) 406.52 329.52 23.37
No of AMCs 25 25 -
No of Funds 175 175 -

Economic Highlights
GDP Growth FY12 3.70%
Per Capita Income $1,372
(November 16, 2012)
Trade Deficit
(July-October 12)
Curr. A/C
(July-October 12)
(Jul-October 12)
Foreign Investment (July-September 12) $183.5mn
CPI Gen. - YoY
CPI Gen. - FY13
(July 12- October 12)

WTI (USD/bbl) 86.75
Gold Futures(USD/oz) 1,720.13
Cement (Rs./Bag) 451.50
Coal Spot(USD/ton) 83.25
Urea Fertilizer (Rs/bag) 1,678.33
DAP (Rs./bag) 2,642.29
KCA Cotton (Rs/mound) 5,800.00

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(BR) Business Recorder, (D) Dawn, (N) The News, (DT) Daily Times, (FD) The Financial Daily, (KSE) Karachi Stock Exchange

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