KSE-100 Index
Previous Index 16,202.81
Current Index 16,251.38
Change % 0.33%
YTD (CY12) 43.21%
YTD (FY13) 17.75%
Volume (mn) 148.97
Capitilization (USDbn) 9.98
FIPI (USDmn)(Daily) -0.16
FIPI (USDmn) (YTD) 152.58


KSE-100 Index
Previous Index 28,209.64
Current Index 28,293.10
Change % 0.30%
YTD (CY12) 40.50%
YTD (FY13) 19.00%
Volume (mn) 38.41
Capitilization (USDbn) 5.80

International Indicators
BSE-30 18,339.00 0.16
HANGSENG 21,262.06 0.49
NIKKEI 225 9,153.20 1.43
FTSE 5,737.66 2.36
DJIA 12,795.96 1.65
SSEC 2,011.42 -0.28
NASDAQ 2,916.07 2.21

TASI 6,666.46 -1.46
KSE(Kuwait) 5,783.36 0.24
BSE 1,043.18 -1.03
MSM 5,601.94 -0.28
ADX 2,660.17 -0.79
DFM 1,579.12 -1.38
QSE 8,380.92 0.04

3 Months 9.43
6 Months 9.49
12 Months 9.80

3 Months 9.25
6 Months 9.30
12 Months 9.37

3-Y PIB 10.21
5-Y PIB 10.94
10-Y PIB 11.31
20-Y PIB 12.02
30-Y PIB 12.13
Capital Market Overview

Market watch: Market continues upward trend

The market continued its upward trend to close above all-time high yet again, however the driving forces behind the climb were not the usual oil and financial sectors; but mid-tier stocks like cement producers, textile and telecom supported by the high-end fertiliser stocks.The Karachi Stock Exchange’s (KSE) benchmark 100-share index rose 0.33% or 53.64 points to end at 16,251.38 point level. more... (ET)

News Clippings

Pakistan may have to wait for Iranian loan for IP project

Pakistan and Iran may not be able to seal a final deal for a loan worth $250 million during the upcoming visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Development-8 Summit due to a delay in the finalisation of the draft agreement. The loan was to be used to lay a pipeline on Pakistan’s side of the border for the import of gas under the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project. more... (ET)

SBP releases directives for Islamic banking

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has issued detailed instructions for profit and Loss distribution and pool management in Islamic banking institutions (IBIs) in order to improve transparency and disclosures and bring standardisation in IBIs’ profit and loss distribution policies and practices. more... (ET)

D-8 trade expo begins on sidelines of summit

A wide range of products have been put on display at the four-day Developing-8 (D8) nations’ trade exhibition that started here on Monday with an objective to explore trade potential and develop partnerships among members countries for overall economic development. All member countries, including Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Turkey and Pakistan, have put their products on display. more... (ET)

Current account surplus clocks in at $258 million

The country’s current account position was in $258 million surplus during July to October of fiscal year 2012-13 due to record remittances’ inflows, modest growth in exports earning and reserves of Coalition Support Fund (CSF), State Bank of Pakistan reported on Monday.The situation of current account was recorded extremely challenging in July to October of fiscal year 2011-12 with a deficit of $1.65 billion. more... (DT)

Zong acquires licence of branchless banking

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has issued branchless banking license to Zong and Askari Bank. Zong in collaboration with Askari Bank will be launching a complete branchless banking solution including wide spectrum of services like mobile account, money transfers, utility bill payment etc. Zong and Askari entered into a pilot project on May 22, 2012, which went under SBP audit in mid September 2012 and license to launch a complete branchless banking portfolio was given. more... (DT)

Textile Policy 2009-14 : MinTex achieved only 22% of textile sector uplift target in 3 years

The Ministry of Textile (MinTex) could only manage to achieve 22 percent of its targets for the development of textile sector in the country during the last three years.The implementation of the Textile Policy 2009-14 was facing shortage of funds and against a total allocation of Rs 123 billion, Ministry of Finance (MoF) has only released Rs 24 billion (20 percent) of the allocation for textile exports initiatives.
more... (DT)


NAVs and Returns
as of Nov 19, 2012
Funds Offer Redemption
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return
YTD Return


Funds Rating
A+ (f)
3 Star
5 Star

  Oct-12 Sep-12
MoM (%)
AUM's (PKR bn) 406.52 329.52 23.37
No of AMCs 25 25 -
No of Funds 175 175 -

Economic Highlights
GDP Growth FY12 3.70%
Per Capita Income $1,372
(October 26, 2012)
Trade Deficit
(July-October 12)
Curr. A/C
(July-October 12)
(Jul-October 12)
Foreign Investment (July-September 12) $183.5mn
CPI Gen. - YoY
CPI Gen. - FY13
(July 12- October 12)

WTI (USD/bbl) 89.11
Gold Futures(USD/oz) 1,734.30
Cement (Rs./Bag) 450.50
Coal Spot(USD/ton) 79.90
Urea Fertilizer (Rs/bag) 1,684.58
DAP (Rs./bag) 2,642.29
KCA Cotton (Rs/mound) 5,850.00

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(BR) Business Recorder, (D) Dawn, (N) The News, (DT) Daily Times, (FD) The Financial Daily, (KSE) Karachi Stock Exchange

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