July 14, 2010
KSE-100 Index
Previous Index 9,979.07
Current Index 10,114.65
Change % 1.36%
YTD (CY10) 7.75%
YTD (FY11) 4.04%

International Indicators
  Close %age
BSE-30 17,985.90 0.27%
HANGSENG 20,431.06 (0.20) %
NIKKEI 255 9,537.23 (0.10)%
FTSE 5,271.02 2.00%
DJIA 10,363.02 1.44 %
SSEC 2,476.10 1.05%
NASDAQ 2,242.03 1.99 %

July 09 , 2010 0.48
June, 2010 68.40
YTD (FY10) 7.5

Money Market Updates
6m T-bill 16-June-10 12.10%
12m T-bil 16-June-10 12.19%
3m KIBOR 12.30%
6m KIBOR 12.37%
10 yrs PIB 13.01%

Exchange Rates
Inter-Bank Currency Rates
Rs/EURO 108.02
Rs/UK 128.91
Rs/US 85.80
Rs/OR 221.25

Oil $76.86/barrel
Oil Change in % 3.03%
Gold $1,121.30/ounce
Gold Change in % (6.5)%

CPI Gen. - YoY (June-10) 12.7%
CPI Gen. - FY10 (Jul -09-June 10) 11.7%
NFNE Core INFL - YoY (June-10) 10.4%
NFNE Core INFL - FY10 (Jul-09-June-10) 11.0%

Economic Indicators
GDP Growth FY10E 4.10 %
Per Capita Income $ 1,051
Population 169.99mn
US$ Reserves (July 02, 2010) $16.77bn
Trade Balance (Jul-May 10) $(13.88)bn
Curr. A/C (Jul-May-10) $(2.98)bn
Remittances (Jul -June 10) $8.91bn
Foreign Investment (Jul -May-10) $1.89bn
All Sch. Banks Deposit Base (July 02, 2010) Rs4,775bn

NAVs and Returns
as of July 13, 2010
Funds Offer Redemption
POBOP 46.8746/- 46.4059 /-
Daily Return 8.27%
POAIIF 50.7931/-   50.2852/-
Daily Return 8.86%
POAIF 54.07/- 52.72/-
Daily Return 236.92%
POASF 52.64/- 51.32/-
Daily Return 301.18%
POAF 11.05 /-
Daily Return (97.25)%
*Daily Returns are calculated as per MUFAP guidelines

Funds Rating
AMC Ratings AM3
POBOPAPF Fund A- (f)
POAF Fund Rating AA-

Government decides to rationalise PSDP 2010-11: hundreds of projects to be deleted
Federal government has decided to rationalise the current year's Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) by deleting hundreds of projects with the objective of reducing the burden of existing Rs 3 trillion throw-forward liability by 20-30 percent after the National Finance Commission (NFC) Award more... (BR)

2mn T wheat to be exported this year
Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Nazar Mohammed Gondal said Tuesday that two million tonnes of additional wheat and two hundred thousand tonnes wheat products will be exported this year, local media reported more... (TFD)

SECP registers 3,027 companies during fiscal year 2010
The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) registered 3,027 companies during the financial year 2009-10, under the Companies Ordinance 1984. Of these, 324 companies were registered during June 2010. By the end of the financial year, the total corporate portfolio had reached 56,119 companies. more... (BR)




C-J Link Canal closure agreed
Sindh and Punjab Tuesday settled their row on water distribution as latter agreed to close Chashma-Jhelum Canal, the major source of dispute between the two provinces more... (TFD)

BNP-M leader Habib Jalib Baloch shot dead
Central Secretary-General of the Balochistan National Party - Mengal (BNP - M) and former senator Habib Jalib Baloch was shot dead in Quetta on Wednesday. more... (D)

Probe finds 29 lawmakers faked degrees
Pakistani civil servants said Tuesday that at least 29 MPs lied about their academic qualifications as part of an inquiry into allegations that hundreds of lawmakers faked their degrees. more... (D)

Sector Briefing

PSM maybe lent Rs17bn lifeline
Pakistan Steel Mills to ward off its closure which otherwise could happen in four weeks. The Ministry, in this regard, has submitted its suggestions to the ECC of the Cabinet more... (TFD)

Gross refinery margins MoM 60 percent decline likely
The gross refinery margins (GRMS) set to decline by 60 percent on month-on-month basis to $4-5 per barrel in July 2010, analysts said. However, these margins are still better than last 12-month average monthly margins of $1-2 per barrel, they added. "We believe profitability of local fuel refineries would be better, however, circular debt remains a key issue which has affected their production more... (BR)

Leverage product approval by SECP on the cards
The approval of much awaited new leverage product by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is on the cards as the apex regulator is finally reviewing recommendations sent by its sub-committee to introduce the product at the capital market. Sources said the SECP had received final recommendations of its sub-committee recently and now studying the modalities of proposed leverage product. more... (BR)


KSE Notices

List of Margin Eligible Securities Acceptable as Collateral for Ready Market
The Management of the Exchange with the prior approval of the Securities & Exchange Commision of Pakistab has approved the revised list of Margin Eligible Securities for Ready Market selected on the basis of eligibility criteria approved by the Securities & Exchange Commision of Pakistan more... (KSE)



(BR) Business Recorder, (D) Dawn, (N) The News, (DT) Daily Times, (FD) The Financial Daily
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